PD session 6: Digging into Logger Pro

Show and Tell

  1. Chelsea shows off Schoology Discussions
  2. Adrian demonstrates Planbook
  3. John shows off Wolfram Alpha
  4. Try out some interesting science related queries:

    1. Nutrition: my breakfast 1 bagel + 1 cup of orange juice
    2. Chemistry: Balance chemical reactions, Chemical Thermodynamics and more
    3. Biology: look up phylogenetic trees and get info about species, Find DNA sequences in a genome, calculate family trees, and more.
    4. Physics: Solve projectile motion problems, thin lens equation, and more

Logger Pro

Vernier’s Logger Pro is the data collection/analysis app installed on your mac, and it will also be on all student machines.

It is a fantastic tool for creating fully interactive lab experiences where you can embed movies, text, photos alongside tools to take and analyze data.

Here’s a sample template file to give you some sense of what can be done with Logger Pro.

Here are some specific instructions on how to do various tasks with Logger Pro

We will spend the bulk of our time creating an lab template for a lab you will be able to use in your class next year.


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